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What is a ROAR Canada Mastermind?

What is a Mastermind?

A mastermind is often a paid meeting of individuals who have a common interest or purpose who wish to bring together their combined knowledge and experiences to obtain a clear end result. You will pay Businesses and Facilitators for the opportunity to combine your mind with the best thinking of everyone in the room.


What are the Benefits of a Mastermind?

The brilliance of a mastermind is the meeting of minds with an aim to a common purpose. Many minds come together to solve a problem that is larger than just one person can solve. The minds of many are far more powerful than the minds of one when a solution is in great need.


Recently, Richard Branson brought together 20 change-makers to solve a problem involving a derelict ship in view of his retreat. He had his attendees in groups of 5 to come up with ideas and solutions for what to do with the ship, and 5-10 points on how. There were some brilliant concepts delivered. Branson and his team then reviewed in depth each option and chose just one of the phenomenal ideas put forth and had the ball rolling on the project within days of this mastermind.


The brilliance comes from the people in the chairs not from the person at the front of the room.


Are you a big dreamer? A change-maker? Do you seek like minds to help push you into motion, get clarity on aspects of the life journey, and keep you going forward? If so, masterminds are where you want to explore the brilliance of your peers.


What is in it for YOU to attend a ROAR Canada Mastermind?


ROAR Canada's mission is to empower individuals to step into their greatness, leap despite their fear, and provide an environment filled with supportive people on a similar journey willing to walk alongside others and grow together.


We are a team of dedicated individuals bringing together amazing speakers to share their stories and exercises with people of like-mind - people like you, ready for change, growth, and to take on the world.

If you’re interested in knowing more about our masterminds and speaker opportunities, email us at

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