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ROAR Canada Past Events

ROAR Canada Masterminds 20/20 Vision Living 2020

February: Elevating Courage

June: Choosing Perspectacles

ROAR Canada Masterminds Visibly Thriving 2019

February: Awaken

June: Harmony

September: Exhilaration

November: Flourish

ROAR Canada Masterminds Becoming Powerfully Rooted 2018 

February: Nurturing Roots

April: Infinite Possibility

September: Healthy Havest

November: Powerfully Rooted

ROAR Canada Masterminds Soar Together 2017

January: Connect the Dots, Live the Picture

April: Find Your Village

September: The 3C's: Confidence, Connection, Clarity

ROAR Canada Masterminds Live the Story You Want Told 2016




 November: Your Personal Success Blueprint

On September 23rd, 2016, ROAR Canada welcomed Lisa Nichols for her first time in Ottawa to present to over 150 VIP and Symposium guests about Living the Story You Want Told in abundance and designing our own future. Lisa shared 3 hours of brilliance and story to a rapt audience and spoke with three women who are now thriving after periods of their lives in which they experienced various types of hardship. This symposium inspired our audience to leap into their future and live the life they dream about. 


On June 15th, 2016, Yetta Dekker presented The Power of YOU in Community as the second instalment fitting our theme for this year.


On April 13th, 2016, Kathy Herties presented The Cry of Our Heart based on the theme for this year, Live the Story You Want Told. This three-hour Mastermind session crafted a key chapter in helping women to connect with the cry of their heart and to identify the unique yearning within each of us.


On September 23rd, 2015, ROAR Canada presented Conquer with Belief & Assurance!


The ROAR Canada 2nd Annual Mastermind and Symposium welcomed over 300 people from the Ottawa Valley/National Capital Region.


Two sessions offered amazing growth opportunities:
ROAR Canada Mastermind
Our 2015 Mastermind brought together over 150 female leaders from the Ottawa area to educate, support, brainstorm and offer peer accountability on developing heightened levels of personal growth. The theme was 'Conquer with Belief and Assurance'. This Mastermind opened up new ideas, challenged perspectives, and offered development opportunities to the mastermind participants.  It was designed to strengthen participants' self-confidence and encourage them to reach out and achieve personal success.

ROAR Canada Symposium
We welcomed back Dianna Kokoszka for the second year, as our keynote speaker!
Dianna is an expert coach and mentor, and her passion for empowering women and men alike is contagious. She shared insight, tips and tools to help participants 'Conquer with Belief and Assurance'. The evening also included a panel of local Ottawa women who demonstrated how to 'Conquer with Belief and Assurance'. ROAR Canada's 2015 panelists were: Kimothy Walker, Laura Booker, and Kelsey Bowes (Grade 12 Student). 


Visit our Speakers page for more detailed bios and photos of our illustrious speakers!

This event was set to ignite and inspire success within you and the people in your life. 'Conquer with Belief and Assurance'

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